Antioch Education Association is the professional organization and bargaining unit for all the teachers in the Antioch Unified School District. The core values of the Antioch Education Association are the shared beliefs of our members and the elected leaders of our organization. Individual members and leaders shall strive to reinforce these core values in our professional endeavors.

Core Values of the Antioch Education Association

Respect: We champion an organization that genuinely appreciates, respects and protects our fellow AEA members, their families and the community we serve each day in our classrooms and in our schools.

Advocacy: We strive to achieve the economic and professional goals of our members through dedicated and forceful advocacy. We are a strong body of teacher advocates dedicated to protecting the rights of teachers as a means to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Relationship Building: We value building strong interpersonal relationships within our own organization, and foster mutually supportive alliances with other community and statewide groups. We believe these relationships will promote the collective action necessary to protect our members and enhance their economic well being.

Professional Development: We promote relevant, innovative and challenging training opportunities as a means for members to strengthen their teaching skills and enhance the learning of their students. We promote teachers' control of their own professional destiny and thereby inspire students to achieve academic success enabling them to shape their own future.

Your Association…

  • Protects your rights
  • Provides professional development workshops and conferences
  • Helps to build relationships through social networking
  • Represents you at the bargaining table
  • Is your voice within the the CTA/NEA
  • Offers legal and financial services through its affiliation with CTA
  • Supports you with $1,000,000 liability insurance protection through its affiliation with NEA
  • Lobbies state and national legislators on educational issues through CTA/NEA
  • and much much more!

Latest From The President

Sign AEA’s Petition and Support the AEA Bargaining Team

Our success depends on your support!

The online petition states:

Antioch teachers are fighting for lower class sizes to better support students.

Antioch teachers are fighting to ensure that elementary teachers have time to prepare for their students.

Antioch teachers are fighting for a fair wage increase to attract and retain teachers.

Please sign our petition and tell the District to do better!


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General AEA Information

Contract Information

Most recent Settlement: Tentative Agreement Reached 3-8-18

Current Contract: AGREEMENT – AEA 2015-2018 REV 5.24.17

AEA Executive Board Election Results

President: Valorie Luke

Secretary: Jill Cooper

Elementary Schools’ Liaison: Ken Kent

AEA Scholarships

Graduating seniors with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher who are dependents of a current member of AEA/CTA/NEA may request a scholarship application form from the AEA office.

Completed forms must be turned in to the AEA office by 4:00 p.m., Thursday, March 21, 2019.

Calendar Survey Results for the 2020-2021 School Year

176 Votes for the early start and end calendar: Begins 1st week of August and ends 1st week of June.
43 Votes for the middle start and end calendar: Begins 3rd week of August and ends 2nd week of June.
11 Votes for the late start and end calendar: Begins 4th week of August and ends 3rd week of June.

128 Votes for the Week before Easter
102 Votes for the Week after Easter